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Registration for international applicants

International applicants (including applicants for the Studienkolleg who are NOT German nationals) who received their notification of admission from the International Office must register in person at the International Office during the registration period specified in their notification.

If you have fulfilled all the requirements and adhered to all the deadlines, the International Office should soon issue you with a letter of acceptance. This contains all the information you need for registering (matriculation) at the LMU. It tells you where to register, when to register, which documents you will need to bring in order to register, and a link for the online registration form.

Place for registration

Non-EU citizens in all subjects
and EU/EEA citizens in subjects without admission restrictions

Registration in person:

International Office of LMU
Ludwigstraße 27
D - 80539 München
Location map and directions
Contact persons + counseling hours

German citizens and “Bildungsinländer”
(students of foreign nationality with a German
higher education entrance qualification) in all subjects
and EU/EEA citizens in subjects with admission restrictions

Information on the registration by mail, current dates and deadlines concerning the registration by mail at the Office of the University Registrar you will find here:

Registration by mail

Steps for registering and documents required:

Complete the online form and print the confirmation

You have received your letter of admission by post. Now proceed by taking the following steps:

1. Complete the online form:

In order to register in person, you first need to complete the online-application for registration.

 Guide to filling out the online-application for registration (in English)

2. Print confirmation with application reference number

Once you have completed the online form, you will immediately receive confirmation. This confirmation includes an application reference number.

Please print out this confirmation and bring it in order to register in person!

Register in person before the deadline

In order to register, you must attend in person during the stated registration period! The registration period is stated on your letter of acceptance. Please see also FAQ No. 4.

You will need to present these documents when you register in person

All international applicants will need to present the following documents when they register at the LMU in Munich:

  • Printed confirmation of the online registration form, with application reference number
  • Letter of acceptance, sent to you by the Unit for International Affairs (International Office) once they have received all your documentsUniversity entrance
  • qualification, university entrance examination certificate, all university certificates and diplomas in their original language and with a certified translation (English, French, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Rumanian, Spanish and Latin certificates do not need to be translated), original
  • Valid passport/ID
  • Formal evidence of health insurance (applicants can only obtain this insurance certificate from a statutory health insurance provider, not from a private health insurance company)
  • Evidence of proficiency in German to the relevant level,
    original and copy (the original certificate must be presented for verification, the copy will be retained)

Further – for degree programs with aptitude test or pre-registration /
for postgraduate degree programs / if you have studied in Germany before

If you wish to register for a degree program with an aptitude test, pre-registration or academic advising and orientation for a postgraduate degree program (e.g. master's or doctoral studies), or if you have already studied at a German university, you will need to supply further documents. Please bring the original documents plus a copy of each document with you (the original is to to be presented for verification only, the copy will be retained)!

If registering for a degree program with aptitude test, pre-registration or academic advising and orientation:

  • Letter from the respective institute confirming that you have passed the aptitude test or completed the pre-registration process or academic advising and orientation.

If registering for a postgraduate degree program (e.g. master's degree program or doctoral studies):

  • Letter confirming prerequisites for qualifying have been met (issued by the selection committee of the respective master's degree program, doctoral office or examination office)

If you have already studied at a university in Germany:

  • Confirmation of all programs previously studied at any other German university
  • Confirmation of any leave of absence taken during your studies in Germany
  • Certificates from all examinations taken to date (intermediate, preliminary or final examinations)
  • Exmatriculation certificates from all German universities you have previously attended

Paying your semester fee and apply for the LMUcard

Please note that your registration is not valid until you have presented all the required documents and paid your semester fee within one week / 8 days (by bank transfer). When you come for registration in person, you will receive a letter with your individual fee statement. To see how much you have to pay, please see the “Continuation of Registration” website.

After having registered in person, you will receive our email with

  • instructions on how to activate your personal LMU-user identification.
  • the request to apply for the LMUCard which also serves as your Student ID Card.

Please note that at this point your registration is still incomplete. Therefore you won’t receive your registration certificates. They will become available for you to download via the online self-service functions after your semester fee payment is received.

The IT-Servicedesk will issue your Student ID Card in the form of the LMUCard. Further information you will find at

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