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Degree Students

You’re not German, and you’d like to enrol for a bachelor’s, master’s or other degree at the LMU? Then you’ve come to the right place! On the following pages, we’d like to explain the steps you need to take in order to study at the LMU.

Please note: Degree programs vary widely, as do the backgrounds of the applicants. Hence there is not just one set procedure that applies to everyone, but various different application procedures.

Begin by getting a broad idea of what you’ll need to consider when applying and registering before you investigate the details.

Your contact:

Central point of contact for international applications, admission and registration: International Office
Advice on choice of degree program and organizing studies: Study Information Service
Specific questions on the content and study requirements of individual subjects: Fachstudienberatung



Prerequisites, Application, Registration


All international students have to apply for a place


Registration - the last step towards studying

Academic Degrees

Bachelor, Master, Staats-examen, Doctorate, Double Degree


General and specific prerequisites for admission

Responsible for content: International Office