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Getting started

Coming from abroad to research, teach, and live in Munich?
We have prepared advice and useful information on a number of key issues to help ease your start:

  • Counseling for visiting scholars and international young academics
  • Residence support and relocation service for visiting scholars from abroad
  • Orientation and support program for international doctoral students and postdocs (

The LMU Munich Welcome Center for international scholars is part of the EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion network, a joint initiative of the European Commission and the countries participating in the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research. EURAXESS Germany, hosted by the Humboldt Foundation, provides extensive information for researchers seeking to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries. In addition to information on training and jobs, this electronic gateway is the entry point to a wealth of practical information on living and working in Germany and the other European countries involved. The information we have prepared for you links to the EURAXESS website for general information about living, teaching, and researching in Germany, supplemented by the local knowledge and services provided by the LMU Welcome Center.

  • Preparations in your home country

    There are a number of things to be taken care of before coming to Germany, including the application for a visa and a work permit. more

  • Legal matters

    From registering your address to finding out about social security and taxes, information on the most important legal issues can be found here. more

  • Housing

    In Munich, housing is hard to find and expensive, but the right information will help newcomers in their search for accommodation. more

  • Family matters

    Visiting scholars who come to LMU Munich with their family will find information here on daycare, kindergartens, and the German school system as well as on relevant state benefits for families. more

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