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Center for Advanced Studies

The Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) is a forum for academic exchange across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. It promotes interdisciplinary communication and cooperation between outstanding researchers at LMU Munich, and fosters the integration of visiting academics. Intensive interdisciplinary and international exchange is the basis for an open-minded and creative research atmosphere. The Center offers the corresponding infrastructure by means of different programs such as the CAS Research Focuses, as part of which academics work on research questions that transcend the boundaries of conventional disciplines as well as topics of direct relevance to society as a whole.

The Center places particular emphasis on the promotion of excellent junior academics, as close interactions with experienced top academics can have a decisive influence on the further development of their professional careers. In the CAS Young Center, about 100 outstanding scholars and scientists from the university, including holders of ERC Starting Grants, Heisenberg Fellows and LMU Research Fellows, have regular opportunities for intensive networking.

CAS has also set itself the task of communicating current trends and recent advances in research to the wider public, and regularly organizes a comprehensive program of events.

The Center has a number of funding lines at its disposal to carry out its various tasks. These include Visiting Fellowships, the CAS Research Groups as well as the Junior Researcher in Residence program. The Junior Researchers in Residence program offers one-semester research stays at CAS to postdoctoral scholars from LMU, while the CAS Research Groups allow professors of LMU to pursue a cooperative research project with international guest scholars for a period of two semesters. Visiting Fellows enhance the work of each CAS Research Focus as well as of the Research Groups and the Researchers in Residence.

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