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LMU Academic Career Program





Dedicated junior researchers need room to develop their ideas, to plan experiments, to refine their grasp of concepts, to formulate problems and to write up their results. What should a good university provide, in terms of infrastructure, career development opportunities and career trajectories, to ensure that early-career research staff can concentrate fully on their work and establish the basis for a long-term professional career?

The answers can be found in LMU‘s Academic Career Program: The Program offers attractive career development opportunities and provides excellent conditions for research and further qualification to early-career researchers at every phase of their academic careers, from doctoral thesis to professorship. They benefit from LMU’s distinguished record in research and its extensive network of partners in Munich, all over Germany and Europe, and abroad.

As one of Europe’s leading universities, LMU seeks to attract the brightest talents to carry out innovative research in an intellectually stimulating setting, and to teach and train future generations of students. If you believe you have what it takes, apply to LMU!

Doctoral candidates

You can embark on doctoral research in more than 100 different subjects and in countless subject combinations – under individual supervision or as part of a doctoral program.


Featuring LMU Research Fellowships, internal research funding schemes and targeted personal development programs – to enable you to develop your own unique research profile.

Tenure Track

LMU’s tenure track model offers a clearly defined and attractive career trajectory that provides for early autonomy in all matters relating to research and teaching, as well as offering the prospect of a permanent faculty position.