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About LMU on iTunes U

What is iTunes U?
Since May 2007, Apple Inc. has been operating iTunes U, the education portal within its iTunes store. The “U” stands for “university,” and the site distributes free content, such as course lectures, lab demonstrations, and campus tours. The participating universities and educational institutions are each given their own area in which to add their video or audio podcasts as well as pdf textfiles. The various tracks can be easily downloaded onto any computer or portable video or audio device.

Who is participating in iTunes U?
Launched in May 2007 in cooperation with leading North American universities and educational institutions, Apple expanded iTunes U into Europe at the beginning of 2009. Along with RWTH Aachen, Albert-Ludwigs-Universit?t Freiburg, and Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), LMU Munich was one of the first continental European universities to offer its educational podcasts globally.

What type of content is available on “LMU on iTunes U”?
LMU on iTunes U stands out in terms of its broad thematic range. LMU distinguishes itself as a true “universitas” and offers content regarding its profile, research, courses of study, and university life.

In addition to lecture footage and educational films which supplement LMU’s multifaceted courses of study, LMU on iTunes U also makes more than 17,000 electronic dissertations in all disciplines stored on the university library server available to download. Exceptional insights into the world of science are provided by ScienceCasts, a regular series of short video films about current research projects, as well as the audio feature Tonspur Forschung, in which the well-known Munich podcaster Annik Rubens tracks down interesting research topics at LMU. The diversity of student life is richly demonstrated by LMU doctoral candidate and cabaret artist Christian Bumeder’s poetry cast Bumillos UniVERS, the student video art project LMUeMotions, and a podcast from the UniGalerieLMU. Furthermore, numerous lectures and events are regularly recorded, as for example the KinderUni or the Ringvorlesung, LMU’s interdisciplinary lecture series.


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