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Excellence Initiative and Excellence Strategy

News on LMUexcellent:

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München has been funded in all funding lines since the beginning of the German Excellence Initiative 2006. In the Second Phase of the competition, which started in 2012, all of the proposals submitted by LMU – for four Graduate Schools, four Clusters of Excellence and the Institutional Strategy – were selected for funding. LMU Munich has also played an important role in a Cluster of Excellence coordinated by the Technische Universität München (TUM).

In June 2016, Federal and State Governments agreed to extend the Excellence Initiative in a modified form. The aim of the new Excellence Strategy is to support the further development of cutting-edge research at German universities. From 2019 on, two funding lines are available for Clusters of Excellence and Universities of Excellence. In this third Phase of the initiative, LMU has cleared the first hurdle. Four Clusters of Excellence submitted by LMU, which were all put forward in collaboration with TUM, were approved for funding from January 2019. The purpose of the Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) is to further explore the principles of quantum information with a view to the practical application of quantum effects. The Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology, or SyNergy for short, which has been funded since the second phase of the Excellence Initiative, aims at uncovering the shared mechanisms that underlie diverse neurological disorders in a search for new therapeutic strategies. The excellence cluster ORIGINS studies the evolution of the cosmos from the origin of the universe to the first building blocks of life. And the scientists of e-conversion explore the processes that take place at the interfaces between different materials in order to identify the most efficient and sustainable ways to capture and convert energy.

With this success, LMU qualified to participate in the competition for the funding line Universities of Excellence. LMU submitted its proposal for this program to the German Council of Science and Humanities in December 2018. The funding decision will be made in July 2019.

Excellence Strategy: Approved Clusters of Excellence


Funding of LMU in the Excellence Initiative