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As a cosmopolitan university, LMU values the diversity represented by its members, with their individual experiences, talents, points of view and ways of thinking. This diversity is vital for excellence in research, teaching, study and administration.

The University is committed to a culture in which diversity is acknowledged and appreciated, and in 2011 endorsed the Charter of Diversity ("Charta der Vielfalt") initiated by German business with the support of the Federal Government.

Gender equality has become a central element of LMU policy in recent years and has been established as a principle of University governance. LMU has also taken steps to create family-friendly structures and introduced measures that address other aspects of diversity, such as physical capabilities and differences in social and cultural backgrounds. LMU makes every effort to ensure that all its members – irrespective of their gender, family obligations, physical and psychological attributes, age, nationality, and social and cultural origins – have the opportunity to develop their talents in the best possible way and to fully participate in University life. LMU’s repeated success in the Excellence Initiative, which explicitly calls for the creation and realization of effective measures to promote diversity, underline the University’s dedication to the fulfillment of this objective.

In the interests of inclusion, the University strives to establish equal opportunities at all hierarchical levels and in all organizational divisions. To create an environment that promotes diversity, all barriers must be identified and removed. LMU actively and sustainably facilitates such efforts through a comprehensive program of Diversity Management. In addition, LMU has established a central Office for Equality and Inclusion (Kontaktstelle für Gleichstellung und Inklusion). In recognition of these ongoing efforts, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research awarded the "Total E-Quality Award" to LMU in both 2009, 2012 and 2015

Responsible for content: Office for Equality and Inclusion