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LMUexcellent International Cooperation


Within the LMUexcellent program, institutionalised cooperation between LMU and selected partner universities in Europe, North America and Asia provides an opportunity to facilitate research contacts and to support innovative forms of cooperation.

  • LMU-UC Berkeley Research in the Humanities

    The University of California, Berkeley and LMU Munich have established a joint program to pursue innovative collaborative research in the humanities that aims to facilitate and fund innovative forms of research collaboration between researchers of both universities. more

  • LMU Cambridge Strategic Partnership

    University of Cambridge and LMU Munich signed a memorandum of understanding and plan to develop a joint programme of strategic importance to both institutions. more

  • LMU-TAU Research Cooperation Program

    The LMU-TAU Research Cooperation Program is intended to support and promote joint projects carried out by TAU and LMU research groups in all areas of research. more

  • LMU-Todai Cooperation in the Sciences

    The cooperation between the University of Tokyo (Todai) and LMU Munich focuses on intensifying academic collaboration in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. more

  • LMU-NYU Research Cooperation Program

    The strategic cooperation between LMU Munich and New York University (NYU) aims to boost research collaboration between the two universities in all subject areas and in a variety of formats. more

  • LMU-Harvard Young Scientists′ Forum

    The 2009 established LMU-Harvard Young Scientists’ Forum (YSF) provides an interdisciplinary platform for young scientists from LMU Munich and Harvard University more

  • LMU-China Academic Network (LMU-ChAN)

    In 2015 LMU established the LMU?China Academic Network with outstanding partners and leading research universities in China. The network model allows one to distinguish different scientific areas and collaboration tools as well as create additional synergy effects. more

  • LMU-CSC Scholarship Program

    China Scholarship Council (CSC) in cooperation with LMU Munich offers scholarships to outstanding Chinese students and Researchers. more